Frequently ask questions


What's your service area?

We offer service all over GTA 

What quality of glass are used in your glass panels?

All of our glass panels are sealed with two tempered safety glass in order to provide maximum safety and security. Tempered glass makes the glass four time stronger than ordinary glass.

How can we get an estimate?

We offer free estimate over phone. Please send us your existing door picture and design number chosen from our website.

We have currently standard builder door with half window. Do we need to change doors for full inserts?

No, you don't need to change the doors. We install full length glass on existing doors.

What is custom orders?

Custom order is built to a specific order or specifications according to customers demand. Custom orders cost more than standard orders. Usually sidelites and transom windows are considered as custom.

How long does a custom order take and do we need to pay deposit for custom orders?

Custom orders process time is approximately two to three weeks. All custom orders require 50% deposit. However, standard orders do not need any deposit.

What's your warranty?

We offer 10 years seal warranty of our tempered safety glass to ensure your peace of mind.